Spray Nine® Marine Cleaner/ Disinfectant

Spray Nine® Marine Cleaner/ Disinfectant
#1 Rated vinyl cleaner by PowerBoat Reports

Marine Spray Nine® keeps your boat looking like new. A multi-purpose cleaner and disinfectant that works above and below deck. Marine Spray Nine® kills germs, removes stains & yellowing and eliminates bacterial odours with little effort. Use regularly to control mould and mildew on vinyl, carpets and hard surfaces.

Spray Nine® reduces the risk of cross-infection killing bacteria and viruses including:
H1N1 Swine Flu Virus, Influenza A2 Virus, Common Flu A2 Virus, Avian Flu H3N2 Virus, Salmonella Choleraesuis, Escherichia coli (E.coli), Hepatitis C Virus, Rhinovirus Type 37, Norwalk Virus, Herpes Simplex I and II, Poliovirus Type I, Rotavirus, MRSA, Streptococcus pyogenes, Shigella dysenteriae.

Use it on:
Boats, hulls, fibreglass, galleys, boat covers, jet skis, camping equipment, RV’s, trailers, personal watercraft, awnings, coolers, inflatables, life jackets, vinyl and bait buckets.
Available size(s) Photo Literature Packaging
C27946 946ml C27946
C27946 C27946
C27004 3.78L C27004
C27004 C27004