Spray Nine® Heavy-Duty Cleaner
The most versatile tool in your cleaning arsenal!
Spray Nine’s professional strength formula has been trusted by homeowners, auto enthusiasts, factories and the military for over 50 years. Our biodegradable, non-solvent based formula works hard to remove all types of dirt, grease, grime and stains.

One Product Does It All!
CLEANS – Tackles tough soils and stains
DEGREASES – Cuts through heavy grease and grime
DISINFECTS – Kills viruses and bacteria. Controls mould and mildew

Kills viruses and bacteria:
H1N1 Swine Flu, Influenza A2 Virus, Common Flu A2 Virus, Avian Flu H3N2 Virus, Salmonella Choleraesuis, Escherichia coli (E.coli), Hepatitis C Virus, Rhinovirus Type 37, Norwalk Virus, Herpes Simplex I and II, Poliovirus Type I, Rotavirus, MRSA, Streptococcus pyogenes, Shigella dysenteriae.

Use it on:

Countertops, stoves, refrigerators, sinks, tubs/showers, toilets, floors, ceramic tile, garbage pails, toys, patio furniture, tools, sporting equipment, BBQ’s, fibreglass, vinyl siding and more.

Engines, tires and wheels, bug splatter, consoles, dashboards, door panels, vinyl tops, upholstery, trunks, trailers, RV's and more.

Machinery, equipment, tools, motors, conveyors, vents, light fixtures, work benches, floors, walls, cafeterias, showers, change rooms, vinyl, rubber, plastic, metal and more!
Available size(s) Photo Literature Packaging
C26822 650 ml C26822
C26822 C26822
C26832 946 ml C26832
C26832 C26832
C26946 946 ML C26946
C26946 C26946
C26802 2L C26802
C26802 C26802
C26804 4L C26804
C26804 C26804
C26820 20L C26820
C26820 C26820
C26845 208L C26845
C26845 C26845